KIPP is coming to your community!

KIPP will be opening a new high school in the Peninsula area next year. We have a long and proven track record of successful high schools in the Bay Area, with established elementary and middle schools in East Palo Alto (KIPP Valiant) and Redwood City (KIPP Excelencia.) A KIPP high school in the Peninsula is the next step in helping students continue their journey from kindergarten and through life.

Applications for the 2020-21 academic year at KIPP open August 30! Enrolling rising 9th graders.

The KIPP Difference

We know that great education transforms lives. 

KIPP already has successful middle schools in Redwood City & East Palo Alto.

All 3 KIPP high schools were top ranked in the Bay Area in 2019!*

94% of 2019 KIPP high school graduates are planning to go to college.

KIPP Bay Area alumni are over three times as likely to graduate from college as their peers




98% of students at KIPP Bay Area graduate high school.

Sister school KIPP San Jose Collegiate was ranked the #1 Bay Area public high school in 2019!



100% of our high school graduates
have completed their A-G requirements (making them UC and CSU eligible.)